WIPM Announces Change in Leadership ahead of Election

Both Zagers and Wilson will continue to play an important role in the WIPM. Photo: WIPM

THE BOTOM- The Windward Island’s People’s Movement has elected to change its leadership ahead of the upcoming elections scheduled for Wednesday, March 15th, 2023. 

The new leader of the party will be Bruce Zagers, who has served as Commissioner for the past years. Zagers will take up the position that was previously held by Rolando Wilson. Commissioner Wilson has loyally and capably served the party as leader, Island Council member and most recently as Commissioner. Wilson will become the new party president, a position which was previously held by Zagers. 

Zagers (41) said that he was sincerely honoured to be tasked with the leadership of the party going into the March 15th elections. “As a Party, we look ahead and make decisions that will positively impact our island for years to come. The WIPM Party has consistently been an advocate for change. We continue to lead the charge for a living wage that would help eliminate poverty while seeking opportunities for further social and economic development. Through persistent effort and strong relationships with partners in the Netherlands, we have made significant progress.”

The new party leader asked voters to also pay attention to the issues. “Every election is crucial and this one is no different. Having served as a member of the Executive Council for the past years, I know what is at stake. As a party we are extremely aware of the hard work that it took to achieve the consistent progress we have witnessed over the years. There is positive momentum right now because of the close relationships with the key partners in the Netherlands that have been built through deliberate effort and trust. This cannot and should not be taken for granted,” Zagers explained.

Commissioner Wilson, who will also participate in the upcoming elections, said, “With this handover, I know that the party is in good hands. I am extremely proud of the party’s track record during my years as party leader. Challenges are part of the political process, but we have managed to overcome many obstacles over the years because we govern with the interests of the island and people at heart,” said Wilson.


Zagers said that even though the party has been at work governing, they have also been preparing for the elections. He urged persons to pay attention to the social media channels to remain updated about the developments and information the party will share so that they can make an informed choice when they go to the polls on March 15th. “We look forward to continuing the steady progress that the WIPM party has started after the elections,” concluded Zagers.  

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