WIPM (Saba): Going For Stability

Island Governor Jonathan Johnson seen here holding up the two WIPM candidate lists for the March 20 Island Council and Electoral College elections, with in the background the eight candidates of the orange party.

The Bottom, Saba- The Windward Islands People Movement (WIPM) puts stability and continuation of the present course central in the bid for the favors of the voters in Saba.

According to WIPM, the party has the experience and has built a relationship with all levels of the Dutch Government, based on trust and experience. According to WIPM, the government the have led in the past 4 year has shown integrity and strong financial management. According to the party, this is why Saba has been able to achieve a lot locally and in its dealings with the Dutch Government.

According to party leadership, WIPM will continue to fight for social economic development and to press for a realistic social minimum. Alleviating poverty is a priority and in that sense the party will continue fighting for policies that will reduce the cost of living and cost of doing business which will be beneficial for the Saba people.

Affordable transportation, energy and telecommunications are all objectives that the WIPM will continue to work on so the cost of living can go down. Another wish of WIPM is to achieve more autonomy especially in the area of granting work permits.

The party mentioned the upcoming harbor project and the landfill as another examples of successful projects of the current government.

Door to door campaign

WIPM party leader Wilson during Monday’s gathering called on the eight candidates to work hard and run a clean campaign. “Go out there and campaign. Focus on the issues, highlight our party’s track record, campaign on a high level. Go from door to door, talk with the people, because that is who we work for and that is who we want to make things better for,” said Wilson.

The WIPM will have its first rally on February 20 during which it will release the party program.

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