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WolBES and FinBES Now Available in ‘Simple Language’

A bigger audience will now have easy access to the laws which govern the BES-islands.
wolbes en finbes in eenvoudige taal

A bigger audience will now have easy access to the laws which govern the BES-islands.

Kralendijk- Recently, Island Governor Edison Rijna of Bonaire received the first copy of the book ‘De WolBES and FinBES in simple language from the hands of state secretary Raymond Knops, in the presence of the author Els Boers. The book was made possible through a contribution from the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Affairs (BZK).

The ‘WolBES and FinBES in simple language’ is based on the book ‘Municipal law in simple Dutch’. The WolBES and FinBES are both based on the Municipalities Act. WolBES stands for the Act on the Public Entities Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba and FinBES for Public Finance Act Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba.

With this translation the author hopes to contribute to making the WolBES and FinBES more accessible. Local politicians, civil servants and interested parties can easily check with this edition what is or is not possible according to these laws. But also, with this book it is clear where the differences lie with regard to the (Dutch) Municipalities Act.

The author, Els Boers, is very well versed due to her work as local politician, but also from various positions she has held during her career. She has served as an interim secretary for various municipalities in the Netherlands as well as for the public entity Saba. The author also has published several other books, such as ‘The dual council member active, ’the council member naturally active’, ‘The small guide, Rules of the municipal law’ and cooperated with the ‘gracious Audit Chamber’. The book is available online and costs 36 euros.

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