Work on Sunset Beach Park progressing smoothly

A view of the ongoing construction. Photo: BOG

KRALENDIJK – The construction of a public recreational park at Sunset Beach, between Chogogo Beach Resort and Den Laman Condominiums, is progressing very well. According to Bonaire Public Buildings (BOG), under whose auspices the development is taking place, significant progress has been made since the project began in February.

The infrastructure construction of the park is almost complete, with drainage and sewage pipes laid, and provisions for electricity and internet installed. Work is also underway on the beach area. The diabase near the water was excavated at the request of the Bonaire National Parks Foundation (STINAPA) to prevent it from ending up in the sea. In the coming weeks, concrete retaining walls will be poured to further protect the coast. Additionally, coral stones donated by Cargill have been placed.

Upon its completion in 2024, Sunset Beach Park will offer a wide range of facilities, including a boat ramp, a ramp for people with physical disabilities to access the sea easily, palapas, kiosks, and public toilets. The park will also feature modern, sustainable, and accessible recreational areas for barbecues and exercises. Adely Susana-Jansen, director of Bonaire Public Buildings NV (BOG), expressed her satisfaction with the project’s progress: “Soon, Bonaire can be proud of a beautiful and modern park. I am delighted to say that in implementing this project, we have also taken into account all of our nature laws on Bonaire to protect the environment and our underwater park.”


Susana-Jansen further emphasized the use of sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials and the collaboration among all parties, including STINAPA, the public entity Bonaire (OLB), WEB, TELBO, the main contractor Bonairiaanse Wegenbouw Maatschappij N.V. (BWM), subcontractors Elektropro B.V. and APA Construction N.V. BOG has several other ongoing projects to enhance the island’s beauty.

For instance, a garden was recently installed near Jorge Nicolaas Sports Hall on Kaya Amsterdam, and BOG, in collaboration with INDEBON, is working to professionalize the management of the sports hall. Additionally, BOG has submitted a request to OLB to manage the roundabout in Hato opposite the park, so that it can also be fully renovated and maintained to form a cohesive and beautiful area together with the park.

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