World Wide Fund for Nature Netherlands launches new Dutch Caribbean website 

KRALENDIJK- The World Wide Fund for Nature The Netherlands (WWF-NL) has been involved in the Dutch Caribbean since the 1960s, and now has taken the next step to launch a website dedicated specifically to the Dutch Caribbean region. 

The new website,, gives an extensive overview of the nature conservation efforts of WWF-NL on the islands of Bonaire, St. Eustatius, and Saba (BES islands) and likewise provides information on the goals of WWF-NL for the whole region, including Curaçao, Aruba and St. Maarten. The site also describes how WWF-NL works together with many local and regional partners, including national parks and nature organizations, in order to reach its goals.  

On the website there is information on the Dutch Caribbean Marine Strategy of WWF-NL for the next five years. The focus of this strategy is to protect and restore the marine environment in the Dutch Caribbean by safeguarding and building resilient coral reefs and healthy flagship species (sharks, rays, whales, dolphins, and sea turtles) that can withstand climate change and other environmental pressures. 

Furthermore, the site covers topics such as the fishing sector and sustainable fisheries, endangered wildlife species, and plastic pollution. On the homepage of the site there is even a direct link to the free e-learning platform, Beyond Plastics, where anyone can easily learn about the importance of plastic reduction for a safer environment.


“After many years of WWF-NL actively supporting local nature organizations in the Dutch Caribbean and funding important projects to protect the oceans around the islands, many people were still asking me: what does WWF actually do on the islands? What are your goals and how can we work together?” says Arjan de Groene, who is Landscape Coordinator Caribbean at WWF-NL. He proceeds with satisfaction, “Creating this website will help us to better inform people of the value of nature and the role of WWF for the islands and hopefully build new and stronger relationships with the local people who share our vision.” 

Through this new Dutch Caribbean website, WWF-NL wants to emphasize its commitment to the region, as it is transforming from a funder to a locally embedded implementor in order to connect and set up collaborations in the region to maximize its impact. 

The inhabitants of the Dutch Caribbean islands are cordially invited to visit the new website to find out more about nature conservation on our islands, and get actively involved in protecting and restoring our environment.

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