World Wide Nature Fund happy with Single Use Plastic ban Bonaire

World Wide Nature Fund happy with Single Use Plastic ban Bonaire
Foto Credit: © WWF / Merijn Hougee

KRALENDIJK- The World Wide Fund for Nature – The Netherlands (WWF-NL) applauds the recently adopted an ordinance that introduces a ban on single-use plastic. In the past years, Boneiru Duradero, a sustainability initiative of WWF-NL on Bonaire, has carried out several projects to reduce the use of single-use plastic.

WWF-NL has been taking action against plastic pollution for decades and has set up projects worldwide in the Netherlands, Asia, South America and the Caribbean. This nature organization works together with local partners to raise awareness on the importance of a healthy environment. WWF-NL’s initiative Boneiru Duradero has supported the Public Entity Bonaire with the development of the single-use plastics ban.


In March 2021, the free Beyond Plastics Online Learning Program was launched in English and Papiamentu. An accessible educational website was developed about the urgency to reduce single-use plastic. A number of modules are specifically aimed at hotels, accommodations and excursions. There is also a module that helps entrepreneurs to develop their own communication strategy around this topic. Beyond Plastics is available for free on the website

Clean coast

WWF-NL also supports Clean Coast Bonaire (CCB). The goal of Clean Coast Bonaire is to monitor plastic litter on Bonaire. It is determined how much litter is collected, which types of litter are common, what are possible sources and to present reduction measures. A lot of waste washes up on the beach from elsewhere. The monitoring data can be used in the future to identify trends and to determine whether local reduction measures are effective. Clean Coast Bonaire also provides recommendations for creating a plastic monitoring strategy that regional organizations can use as an example for their organization.

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