Worldwide day against Human Trafficking

Worldwide, people will reflect on human trafficking on October 18th, and so will we in the Caribbean Netherlands. The word ‘human trafficking’ may sound grave to you. Human trafficking is a violation of human rights. Human trafficking also occurs in the Caribbean Netherlands in the form of labour exploitation. The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, the Police Force, the Public Entities, the Immigrations   and Naturalization Service (IND) and the Labour Inspection are making extra efforts to prevent this.

The different authorities will go into the streets on Human Trafficking Day to give foreign nationals information about their rights and duties. A special pamphlet has been prepared for this purpose. Information is the cornerstone in the combat against human trafficking and labour exploitation. Employers will also receive information.

Many people who are faced with human trafficking or labour exploitation are often not aware themselves that they are a victim. Such a situation often does not arise overnight. When a foreign national decides to leave their country of origin to work abroad, they often are offered great prospects but in practice these usually prove to be false pretences. Unfortunately, it happens that a foreign national is paid far less than what they are entitled to. Sometimes they also have to work very long hours or they are threatened with withdrawal of their residency permit. Other signs are: failing to meet promises, not being in control of one’s own passport and/or being forced to incur a high debt to the employer. By the way, Dutch citizens may also fall victim to human trafficking.

One of the most common forms of human trafficking in the world is having to perform sexual acts under force or on demand. It often concerns trafficking in women and illegal prostitution. The objective of the Day against Human Trafficking is to involve everyone in the combat against such humanly degrading situations.

Your help and alertness is important. All authorities is calling public to report any of these situations.

You can contact the police (KPCN) to do so.

The following KPCN phone numbers can be reached at all times:

  • On Bonaire: + 599 – 717 – 8000 (general). Anonymous Tip Line at the Info department in Bonaire: +599 – 717 – 7251
  • On Saba: Basic Police Care: 00599 – +599 – 416 – 3737
  • On St. Eustatius: Basic Police Care: +599 – 318-2333

Your report will be handled confidentially!

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