Worried BonLab staff sends letter to Executive Council

Worried BonLab staff sends letter to Executive Council

KRALENDIJK – Employees of the BonLab laboratory on Monday have sent out a letter to the island’s executive council, addressing various concerns. 

The letter that was drafted by the employees after rumours Health Insurance Office (ZVK) no longer wants to do business with the laboratory, because it would not be accredited. The employees are also unhappy with a critical report about the organization, which was compiled back in 2018 by consultant Robert Wever. According to the employees, there is a lot to be said about the critical findings of the advisor.


A planned merger between the two labs was called off several years ago. In practice, the laboratories do not compete with each other, but complement each other. Especially since the outbreak of the Covid pandemic, it is often busy at BonLab, while visitors to the lab at the hospital occasionally suffer from prevention measures there.

In 2013, a motion was adopted by the Island Council to ensure the continued existence of BonLab. The employees now fear that Government is willing to sacrifice the local laboratory in favor of the one at Mariadal.

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