St. Eustatius

Writing Workshop should teach Participants St. Eustatius to ‘change the narrative’

Marvin Hokstam is dedicated to helping rewrite history and amplifying marginalized voices. Photo: Facebook Marvin Hokstam

ORANJESTAD – Renowned writer and educator Marvin Hokstam has embarked on a journey to St. Eustatius at the invitation of the ‘St. Eustatius Afrikan Burial Ground Alliance’ to conduct a series of writing workshops this week. 

The workshops, part of the project “Remember Statia: Tracing Our Origins,” mark the sixth installment organized by the Alliance. Hokstam, known for his initiative in similar projects like Memre with the Surinamese community in the Netherlands, brings his expertise to St. Eustatius to rewrite and reshape the narrative of the island’s history. 

Kenneth Cuvalay, project leader on the island, emphasizes the importance of reclaiming untold stories from the Black community, countering Eurocentric historiography. The initiative stems from protests against archaeological excavations on the island in 2021 and aims to honour the ancestors while empowering the community to write its own history. 

Rewriting history

Hokstam’s commitment extends beyond the project, reflecting his dedication to rewriting history and amplifying marginalized voices through initiatives like The Broos Institute for Afro-European Studies and Research.

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