Young Professionals Bonaire received an introduction to Good Governance

The participants together with the trainers and representatives from Bonaire Holding

KRALENDIJK – On Saturday the “Masterclass Introduction Governance Young Potentials Bonaire” took place at the Delfins Resort.

A total of 30 participants took part in the program. According to the trainers, the program has shown that a new generation of ambitious and professional administrators and commissioners is ready for the island.

“This group of people knows how to find each other as a new network of professionals who want to work on good governance on and for Bonaire,” says trainer Annelies De Groot Kooijman. Together with fellow trainer Huib Bartels, De Groot Kooijman showed herself impressed by the group.

Continue to develop

According to De Groot Kooyman, it is important that the participants continue to develop by sharing knowledge and experience with each other. De Groot Kooyman also complimented Bonaire Holding Maatschappij (BHM) directors Adely Jansen and Burney Elhage for taking the initiative for the meeting.

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