Youngsters on Saba get Lesson on Bees, Crops, and Community Engagement

The childeren enjoy the hands-on aspect of the visits. Photo: Saba Government

THE BOTTOM- On Monday a group of energetic youngsters from Child Focus and the Saba Conservation Foundation’s Junior Rangers Club embarked on an educational venture to the hydroponics farm. 

This visit focused on the crucial role of insects, particularly bees, and their profound impact on our food system.

The children participated in sowing their own crops, contributing to the hydroponics farm and our community. They actively engaged in the harvesting of an initial 40 pounds of cucumbers from the hydroponics farm. Further encouraging community involvement. This locally grown produce will grace the market shelves tomorrow.

Later today, the Snorkel Club’s young members are scheduled to visit the hydroponics farm. The youth are set to join in on an enlightening tour, and contribute to the experience by partaking in a crop-planting initiative.


The produce from the hydroponics farm is available every Wednesday at the Saba Reach market in Windwardside, at the Breadline Plaza.

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