Zaandam Writes Highly Critical Letter to Knops

Former Commissioner Reginald Zaandam says that Knops should show 'more than only his balls' when it comes to ST. Eustatius
Reginald Zaandam

Former Commissioner Reginald Zaandam says that Knops should show ‘more than only his balls’ when it comes to ST. Eustatius

Former UPC Commissioner Reginald Zaandam has written a highly critical open letter to State Secretary Raymond Knops. “The implementation of the social minumum is now also everything but certain. The disconnection of the AOV and the minimum wage also appears to be a farce”, writes Zaandam is his letter to Knops.

“The expectations on Statia are really not that high anymore. But Knops dares to tell the Second Chamber in the debate about the social minumum that our people are happy with his ad hoc approach”, according to Zaandam.

Zaandam in his letter is not too friendly for Goverment Commissioner Mike Franco either. “The enthusiasm is barely noticeable in the voice of Franco these days. Seems like he is suffering from constipation. You might think that he is slowly starting to feel the victim of the situation. Not surprising, because he felt so honored by that appointment that he did not see the charade of The Hague. The mighty Franco has a hard time do deal reality and the now very unclear ‘dot on the horizon’. On paper everything looked so nice. Reality seems a very different ball game however.

To Knops I have a direct question: Was it all bull shit on February 7, or do you actually going to make sure that Franco does not need a mulligan for the time being? Knops showing your balls back then was only half the work. If it stays at that, it will go down in history as ‘indecent exposure’, which would be a shame!

The full letter (in Dutch) can be read here: https://www.bonaire.nu/2018/09/24/ingezonden-mike-franco-verdient-een-mulligan/

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