Zembla investigates: what does the future of our coral look like?

KRALENDIJK – The Dutch research program Zembla will broadcast a documentary about the protected coral on Bonaire on February 17. This is stated by journalist Tom Kleijne to, who was on the island in December to film. During the episode the activities of Bonaire Brandstof Terminals BV would be discussed, among other things.

The protected coral around the Dutch island of Bonaire has been under pressure for decades. Global warming, pollution and tourism are causing the coral to disappear. In 2020, Prime Minister Rutte promised to work on the protection of the coral reefs, but Bonaire has noticed little of this so far.

The government in The Hague wants to build new harbor piers in the sea for the import of fuel oil, to maintain the energy supply on the island. This would have disastrous consequences for the coral around the Dutch island. The episode can be seen on NPO 2 on February 17 at 20:25 and is the third episode of the new season of Zembla.

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