Zr.Ms. Holland intercepted more than 2.2 tons of cocaine in four days

KRALENDIJK – The Dutch Navy Ship Zr.Ms. Holland during March 10 and 13, has intercepted four drugs transportations in the Caribbean Sea, and with this confiscated more than 2.2 tons of cocaine. 

The so called go-fasts were discovered by the maritime patrol aircraft of the Coastguard Dutch Caribbean Region.  After the notification about the go-fasts, the Zr.Ms. Holland sent the on-board helicopter of the American Coast Guard, as well as two fast interceptor boats in their direction. Two of the four go-fasts immediately surrendered, the other two only after a few warning shots were fired.

The total of ten suspects as well as the contraband were transferred to the American Coastguard.  The suspected smugglers will be persecuted in the United States and the contraband has been destroyed. 

Zr.Ms. Holland since October 2022 is active in the region as Patrol ship for Dutch Caribbean Region, and works alternately with the Coastguard Caribbean Region and the US Coast Guard. In the meantime now there are 13,000 kilos of intercepted drugs in the name of the Zr.Ms. Holland.

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