206 Active Covid Cases on Saturday

Kralendijk- The line of 200 active cases was crossed on Saturday morning, when yesterday’s test results came in. Of the 134 people who got tested on Friday, 43 turned out to be infected with Covid 19, bringing the total amount of ‘active’ cases to a whopping 206.

It is hoped that next week the new infections will start to drop, after the measures implemented last week. Governor Rijna and Public Health doctor Marian Luinstra-Passchier explained that it always takes about 14 days to start seeing the results of tightened preventative measures.

The faster spread is contributed to the British variant which is considered more infectious compared to the ‘classic variant’. The good news, according to Luinstra-Passchier, is that people do not seem to get symptoms which are more severe than was the case with the other variant.

All of the current active cases are residents of the island.

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