54 MBO students on Bonaire Register for Corona Vaccine

54 MBO students on Bonaire Register for Corona Vaccine

Kralendijk – ‘A key that sticks to your shoulder’ or ‘a 5G chip that is injected into your body’ are some of the wrong thoughts that come up during an information session for young people. After receiving the correct information from experts, 54 MBO students registered and started to be vaccinated.

The young people volunteered to participate in the information session to talk about ideas circulating about the vaccine. The aim of the sessions was to talk to the young people and to inform them in the right way. The Communications Department of the Public Entity Bonaire has organized the meetings.

The young people have put forward their thoughts about the vaccine against the coronavirus. They find most of the information on social media. Often these ideas do not correspond to reality. For example, the idea that there is a 5G chip in the vaccine. Or the idea that the vaccine is bad because it would cause keys to stick to your body once you’re vaccinated. There are also young people who think that the vaccine affects fertility, making it difficult for them to have children after being vaccinated.

During the meetings, the young people could ask questions to a doctor who was present. The Communications Department is pleased that after the informative meetings 54 young people have chosen to be vaccinated. A total of 93 MBO students participated in the sessions. The department will soon organize more activities for young people about vaccination against the coronavirus.

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