92 Active Corona cases on Bonaire on Sunday

Kralendijk- On March 7, 2021 there are 92 active cases of Covid-19 on Bonaire. One of the active cases is a visitor on the island. The other active cases are habitants of the island.

Yesterday 114 people were tested and the results of 22 people are positive. There is 1 hospital admission due to Covid-19.

While the increase in the amount of active cases is not good, it seems as if over the last few days, the test ration is going down. More people get tested, but the amount of new cases per day has been about the same.

It is hoped that the new measures implemented on Friday will help curb new infections and bring the total number down.


Over the last 2 weeks a total of 961 persons have received their first shot of Covid-10 vaccine, mostly Health Care workers and those in age group 60 and older.

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