A Mural in Tribute to Bruce Bowker at Bonaire Animal Shelter

KRALENDIJK – The animal shelter on Bonaire has placed a mural in memory of the late dive school owner of Carib Inn, Bruce Bowker. Bruce was always dedicated to stray dogs and supported the shelter’s work. Bruce unexpectedly passed away in 2020 after a fall.

Bowker was known for his caring, love, and dedication to the animals on Bonaire, from pelicans to iguanas. There were always numerous dogs and cats at Carib Inn that he rescued and cared for with the utmost love, to the point where he even made small wooden beds in human style for them (one of the motifs immortalized in the mural).

Another aspect of his love for animals was his continuous support of the Bonaire Animal Shelter for over 25 years, through the sale of shelter merchandise and generous donations. Carib Inn was once the only place on the island where you could get a shelter T-shirt or purchase a Bonaire license plate, with all proceeds going directly to the shelter. Even after his passing, he did not forget the shelter and requested donations in his memory to be given to the shelter. Many have taken this noble gesture to heart.

In honor of him and his longstanding support for the shelter, it was decided to create a mural. After a call for talented muralists, Joan Smit emerged as the winner. Her in-depth research into Bruce’s history, her impressive artistic talent, and the wealth of photos and anecdotes provided by Linda Baker, a friend of Bruce and a long-time employee of Carib Inn, have resulted in the beautiful mural that was recently completed and unveiled at the Bonaire Animal Shelter. The mural is visible from Kaminda Lagun, but everyone is welcome to visit the shelter during opening hours and admire the details up close.

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