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Abraham siblings meet in Bonaire

Recently all brothers and sisters of former politicians Jopie and Toon Abraham got together and posed for a picture.

Kralendijk- The 9 children of Julio Antonio Abraham and Jacoba Caridad Abraham Craane have come together and are seen here posing together for a family picture.

The Abraham family has, without doubt, impacted the island in many ways. This is true for both those who have played a role in local politics as for those who decided to pursue goals in the private sector.

Father Julio Abraham was one of the founders of the Partido Democratico Boneriano (PDB). Toon and Jopie Abraham have, for decades, played a pivotal role in local politics as well as in the former country Netherlands Antilles. Jopie Abraham’s son, Clark, nowadays is still one of the leading figures of the red party.

The truly remarkable thing is that all nine siblings are still alive. Seen on the picture are:

Julian A Abraham, 85 years old, born in 1932; on picture: in the middle
Silvia Abraham, 82, born 1934 at the right corner
Lorenso A (Toon) Abraham 80, born 1936, at left
Clelia Abraham 78, born 1938, next to Silvia on the right
Iraida Hammoud-Abraham 76, born 1940, next to Clelia
Geraldina Ellis-Abraham 72, born 1944, next to Iraida
Evangeline (Evy) Abdul-Abraham 70, born 1946,next Geraldina
Johan (Jopie) Abraham 68, born 1948, back at the right
Alexandra (Lexy) Engelhardt-Abraham 64, born 1952, Left corner, next to Evy

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