ABVO regrets action from follow-union in negotiation of CLA for Curoil workers

KRALENDIJK – Union ABVO is annoyed by the actions of a fellow union that seem to be fuelling unrest among the staff at Curoil on Bonaire. 

In recent days, there has been unrest among the employees, particularly concerning their working conditions. ABVO expresses their confusion about this unrest, as the union is on the verge of finalizing a collective labor agreement with the company, which they believe will significantly benefit the employees. 

ABVO suspects that a fellow union is behind the unrest, attempting to undermine their efforts. While recognizing the right of other unions to seek recognition within the organization and call for referendums to determine majority representation, ABVO warns that changing the employee representation may lead to delays. Having already negotiated a CAO that is close to being ratified, ABVO emphasizes that a new union would need to start negotiations from scratch. 


The ABVO in their press release on Wednesday expresses disapproval of what they describe as ‘improper practices and efforts’ to create unrest by a fellow union.

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