Action Group Campaigns against new Port Bonaire

Kralendijk- A new action group under the name of Conserve Bonaire is lobbying against the plans of the Government of Bonaire, to construct a new port in the Hato neighborhood.

According to the organization, the Hato Reef is a beautiful, healthy, and protected reef that is home to feeding grounds for endangered green turtles and protected critically endangered corals. The Hato reef encompasses dive sites such as Buddy Dive, Cliff, Small Wall, and continues to Andrea I & II. Large container ships, with their proven environmental impact, as well as the potential for an oil spill and other hazards, will destroy a pristine reef system.


The government has falsely suggested to its people that the container port will reduce costs of goods on island. This is incorrect. At best, people will save $1 on every $100 spent. The costs will be far greater as Bonaire can not afford to fully finance the port. Will raising taxes support the cost of the port? WEB bills have already increased. Bonaire’s drinking water will come from under the container ships.

Environmental Impact

Large container ships have been proven to have a detrimental effect on the delicate reef eco-system below them. Ballast waters, large engines, and waste run-off all contribute to the destruction of the reef system.

An oil spill in this location would be catastrophic for Bonaire’s necessary tourism sector and would contaminate half the west coast.

The new movement is gaining traction now that former well known Dutch TV host Henny Huisman, has also declared himself in solidarity with the group’s push against the new port.

More information about the pressure group can be found online at their website

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