Active Cases Bonaire up to 13: Government urges compliance with Hygiene rules

Kralendijk- The number of active cases in Bonaire has increased to no less than 13 persons.

About half of all people tested on Wednesday turned out positive. The development is not totally unexpected. Yesterday the Public Health Department of the Government of Bonaire already warned that there was in increase in infections. “We have not been able to trace all contacts and we know that some infected people have been present at relatively large gatherings”, said dr. Marian Luinstra of the Health Department.

As fortunately some of the active cases also recovered, the total on December 31 stands at 13.


Government advises residents to keep maintaining social distancing as much as possible in light of the new flare-up. “In recent months we have managed to get COVID-19 well under control. We worry that we now have less control because of unknown sources. We do our very best to detect infections early and prevent the spread of the coronavirus”, said Luinstra.

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