Adelka: ‘We wish him all the best’

Adelka Spanner, seen after the installation of the newly elected Island Council. Photo: Urisha Blake.

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius- Leader of the Democratic Party on St. Eustatius (DP), Adelka Spanner says that the Party has taken note of resignation of Koos Sneek as member of the Democratic Party, and that they wished Sneek ‘all the best’.

Spanner, in an invited comment to the BES-Reporter, also stated that the Party respected Sneek’s decision. “We will continue to work together for the benefit of Statia and our people”, said Spanner.

Spanner also added that the focus of the DP would remain what she called ‘achieving a self-sufficient and sustainable Statia for all’.


Sneek ran on the DP slate as the number 2 candidate and declared himself independent from the DP a mere day after his installation as Island Council member.

On social media some comments could be seen voicing the opinion that Sneek should have returned the seat to the DP, if he no longer wanted to form part of the DP. This especially considering the fact that he did not outright earn his own seat on the Council, given the number of personal votes he had received.

Sneek said he had seriously considered to give back his seat to the party, but said he also felt an obligation towards the 121 people who had voted for him to stay on the Island Council. Sneek also said he had consulted others before he took his decisions.

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