After-school care Sports organized by Indebon

Kralendijk – Long jump, ball throwing, 60 and 80 meter sprint and a slightly longer distance of 400 meters. This all took place during a tournament organized by Indebon. Children from the after-school care of eight schools took part in the tournament.

The after-school organizations that participated are Noah, Bright Future, San Bernardo, Play Learn and Grow Togetter, Universo divided between Rayo di Solo and Strea Briante and finally Kolegio Kristu Bon Wardador. The tournament was divided into two categories: category A from 7 to 9 years and category B from 10 to 12 years.

Indebon thanks all the children and sports leaders who participated and says it was a successful tournament. Indebon announces that the after-school care organizations will soon receive the final result of the competitions and the winning after-school care will receive her prize.

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