Agreement to Renovate and Maintain Bonaire Neighborhood Centers Signed

Agreement to renovate and maintain neighborhood centers signed

Kralendijk – The neighborhood center of Nikiboko is being completely renovated. This is part of an agreement that was recorded and signed by Commissioner Nina Den Heyer and Ben Oleana of the Fundashon Cas Boneriano Foundation (FCB) during a ceremony in the office of the Executive Council. In addition to renovation of the Nikiboko community center, it is the intention to perform maintenance on the community centers in the coming years: Nort’i Saliña, Amboina, Tera Kora, Antriol/Family Justice Center.

As part of the integral neighborhood development project of the Society and Care Directorate, a program plan has been drawn up aimed at the development of neighborhood work, neighborhood life and quality of life in the neighbourhoods. This includes; refurbishing and maintaining various community centers.

In integrated neighborhood development, attention is paid to both the physical and social aspects in the neighbourhoods. This is to improve the quality of life of local residents. Since the Sentro di Barios have a very important role in this, the local government has chosen to give priority to the renovation of the neighborhood centers and to support them to become meeting places again where young and old come together to learn and have fun. Think about; taking courses in self-motivation, dance, art, culture, music, etc.

Furthermore, the community centers will play a special role in promoting, stimulating and safeguarding Bonairean Culture while also emphasizing a positive multicultural society where social cohesion is central.

Social cohesion is one of the building blocks for the development of the quality of life in the neighbourhoods; where residents live together comfortably and have equal opportunities for prosperity and well-being. In addition, social cohesion in the neighborhoods acts as a building block for social development for the whole of Bonaire. The latter contributes to sustainable economic development of the island, while preserving nature and culture.

FCB will soon start construction work at the Nikiboko community center so that the neighborhood can soon enjoy a beautiful community center.

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