All for 1 Union: ‘Employees not involved in conversations about Oil Terminal’s future’

Photo: GTI Website

ORANJESTAD – Charles Woodley, President of the All for 1 (AF1) Union in St. Eustatius, has raised concerns about the lack of communication with the employees of Global Terminals Investments Statia (GTIS) regarding the possibility of a closure. 

In a recent letter, Woodley denounced the situation, stating that while numerous rumors have been circulating, no direct engagement with the terminal’s employees has taken place.

Woodley highlighted that GTIS has offered real estate for purchase to the Statia Government, and discussions have occurred with various individuals, including Government Commissioner Alida Francis, State Secretary Van Huffelen of BZK (Interior and Kingdom Relations), the permanent committee for Kingdom Relations, and others. However, he emphasized the need for direct engagement with the terminal’s employees to ensure their inclusion in the conversations about the company’s future on St. Eustatius.

“As a Union Representative, I must express my concern that while there is widespread discussion about GTIS, the employees of the terminal seem to be left out of the conversation. It is crucial that their voices are heard and that they are actively involved in shaping the future of the company,” said Woodley.

Inclusion in talks

Furthermore, Woodley warned that the employees at the terminal are growing increasingly impatient. “On behalf of AF1 and the employees, we demand to be included in the discussions about the future. The employees are an integral part of finding a viable and acceptable solution.” Woodley also warns that the consequences of an eventual closure, downsizing or restart of the company will have a huge impact on the economy of the island. 

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