Animal Rescue Bonaire Suprised with new Vehicle

Kralendijk – On Tuesday FKK received a phone call from Fairmiles because of a dog that got trapped on their property and that bit out of pure fear. In such cases FKK can only do 1 thing immediately go and free the poor animal from its predicament. Once FKK arrived, they were already awaited and guided into the hall, where the drama took place!

That drama turned out to be completely staged, because instead of an animal in need, FKK found 15 volunteers from FKK and a cheerful René Knip, owner of Fairmiles, who shook FKK up:

“That ‘old’ animal ambulance of you really needed to be replaced. So here is your brand new ambulance with less than a yard on the counter, made available by Stichting DierenLot from the Netherlands. You can go and admire the car, but first the keys because otherwise you won’t get that far with this animal ambulance ….. turn around please! ”

The commissioner Elvis Tjin Asjoe was ready with the keys in his hand to hand them over to FKK Animal Rescue with praise!

For Patrice and Peter, that was really a ’tissue moment’, but soon the first dogs (just back from leash training) wanted to pose with this brand new animal ambulance. And FKK precious volunteers couldn’t wait either!

FKK is completely overwhelmed back home with all their dogs and cats and would like to thank Stichting DierenLot, Fairmiles and Commissioner Tjin Asjoe, for the impressive surprise. They are still taken aback!

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