Anti-Covid measures Bonaire Extended another week

Antigen tests for COVID-19 are fast and easy – and could solve the coronavirus  testing problem despite being somewhat inaccurate
A Rapid Antigen test may soon be required to enter Bonaire for high risk territories, in addition to the regular PCR test.

Kralendijk- The current anti-Covid measures on Bonaire have been extended for another week.

While the development in the amount of new and ‘active’ cases has been positive, Governor Edison Rijna still wants to be cautious with a relaxation of current measures in place.


Rijna also stated that he is closely following the situation in Aruba. “As is known, there are five cases of the modified British corona virus in Aruba. After consultation with Public Health, PG, it was decided to advise travelers to only travel to Aruba for urgent matters. We do not know how the situation will develop on the sister island. That’s why we have to be careful”.

Rapid Antigen test

Bonaire Government has received many questions about antigen tests in recent days. The antigen test is a quick test. It shows whether virus proteins are in the mucus in someone’s nose or throat. The antigen test must be taken four hours before departure.

This rapid test, the PCR test, and the Public Health Statement are now mandatory for travelers from high-risk countries.

High risk

The high-risk countries include the United States, Canada, the Dominican Republic, and all passengers from South America. Travelers from the Netherlands who come to Bonaire will probably be obliged to take the PCR test and the antigen test before departure from February 10. They must also complete the PG health statement at before departure.

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