Application for Vaccination Certificate for Travelers to Europe

Kralendijk – Vaccinated Bonaireans can request a vaccination certificate for their travel within Europe from 8 July 2021 at 0800 0900. They need this vaccination certificate to travel to countries within Europe without corona tests. The vaccination certificate is a paper QR code. Residents who request the paper QR code will be given an appointment to pick it up.

On Bonaire, vaccinated citizens have been given a vaccination card. When applying for and collecting the QR code, citizens must have the vaccination card and their passport at hand. There will be a solution for people who cannot retrieve the code because they are not (anymore) on Bonaire.

In the Netherlands, citizens can upload the vaccination certificate themselves via an app. Bonaire citizens are not yet able to do this because Bonaire is not yet connected to this system. Work has been done so that citizens on Bonaire can soon upload the proof themselves. Bonairean citizens can now obtain the vaccination certificate in the form of a QR code via Public Health.

The Public Health Department calls on citizens at this stage to only request the vaccination certificate if they are going on a trip soon. This is to prevent the lines from becoming overloaded.

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