Are you also going to file your income tax online?

Kralendijk – The Belastingdienst CN is pleased that many people filed their inkomstenbelasting (income tax) (IB) online last year. Filing a declaration online has a number of advantages: it is faster and easier and in most cases it is immediately possible to see how much money someone will receive or has to pay back. Furthermore, a confirmation is sent  immediately (digitally) when the declaration has been submitted. Also, taxpayers do not have to come to the tax office to submit the paper tax return.

If a declaration is submitted online on time, it can be processed more quickly by The Belastingdienst and money will be refunded earlier.

From this year onwards, the online declaration will go via, a new system of the government in the Caribbean Netherlands, to which the Belastingdienst is also connected. If someone files an IB tax return online for the first time, he must create an account on and after that he can file a tax return.

If someone has already filed an IB tax return online before, he must create a new account and request a verification code. This allows one to access the old data and it also protects this data.

You can see how an account can be created in this video

Everyone who has to file an income tax return will soon receive a letter with information about filing an online tax return. This year, the income tax return must be submitted to the Belastingdienst no later than May 18.

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