Bedridden or Sick Bonaire Residents can get Vaccinated at Home

Bedridden or Sick Bonaire Residents can get Vaccinated at Home

Kralendijk – Doctors from the Public Health Department can now also vaccinate people at home who are bedridden, sick or for some other reason cannot come to the vaccination site. These people are vaccinated on their porch as much as possible. People who are bedridden will receive their shot in the bedroom. To make an appointment to get the Corona vaccine at home, residents can call the toll-free number 0800 0900 or email

Housemates of the individuals who are being vaccinated at home, can also register to receive an injection on the same day as the person being vaccinated at home. It is useful if people fill in the health declaration when registering, which saves time when the doctor comes to their home. The people who receive the corona vaccine at home must wear a mouth mask during the vaccination.

Public Health has already been working for two weeks to give people the corona jab at home in special cases. The department has received a list of patients who are not mobile through the general practitioners. In Rincon, Dr. Selly Pourier will inject people at home who cannot come to the vaccination site themselves. So far more than 7,000 people on Bonaire have been vaccinated with a first or already with both injections.

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