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BES-islands Want Special Provision in National Covid-law

Marnix van Rij.

Oranjestad/Kralendijk/The Bottom- The three BES-islands are requesting a ‘special provision’ from the Dutch Second Chamber when it comes to the functioning of the National Covid-law.

Government Commisioner, Marnix van Rij, in consultation with his colleagues on St. Eustatius and Saba has sent a letter to the Second Chamber to point out important differences between the situation in The Netherlands and on the three special municipalities.

The biggest concern expressed by Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba is the time mentioned in the new law to introduce measures by the various ministries.


“We are very concerned with the Island Governors and Island Councils of Bonaire and Saba about how the new law will work in practice. We can hardly imagine a period of two to three weeks in which we would have to wait for a ministerial regulation to form and the suspension procedure in the House of Representatives and the Senate has been completed’, according to the letter signed by Van Rij and Francis.

Van Rij points out that the islands do not have that time if positive COVID-19 cases arise, as is the case now. “The practice of the last seven months has taught us that. In that case, action must be taken quickly and adequately with limited availability of people and resources”, according to the letter sent out today.

Local authorities

Van Rij continues to state that deputy Government Commissioner Francis and himself endorse the plea of ​​Bonaire and Saba that a safety net provision should be included in the law that makes it possible for the Minister of Public Health to give the authorities or government commissioner the authority to take emergency measures to combat it in anticipation of the ministerial regulation. of COVID-19 pandemic.

Party Leaders Statia

Van Rij notes in his letter to President of Dutch Parliament Arib that the request laid down in his letter is also endorsed by all three party leaders in the upcoming elections on St. Eustatius.

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