Blood Pressure Drug Recall

Kralendijk – The Health and Youth Inspectorate (IGJ) has received a message that certain batches for various ‘Sartaan’ medication may be impure. As a precaution, it has therefore been decided to recall these batches. Sartans are prescribed for high blood pressure and heart failure, below you will find an overview of the relevant medication. It is important to report that there is no direct risk to patients.

Batches of these products were mentioned in the recall but were not delivered via Botika’s from Fundashon Mariadal:

– Diovan – Exforge HCT

– Co-Diovan – Hyzaar and Entresto

– Copalia – Valsartan HCT

– Cozaar – Aprovel

– Entresto – Irbesartan

– Exforge

Certain batches of these products have been mentioned in the recall and have been delivered via Botika’s from Fundashon Mariadal.

– Irbesartan HCT

– Losartan

– Losartan HCT

– Valsartan

– CoAprovel

The pharmacies have removed all contaminated medication from the shelves. 

What should you do now?

You don’t need to do anything at this point. They are now visiting all patients and checking whether they have received a potentially contaminating product. If this is the case, they will contact the prescriber to discuss an alternative/substitution. The GP or pharmacy will then contact you. You can then pick up a new medication from the pharmacy and hand in the medication concerned.

If you, as a non-resident, also use one of the products on the list, you can look this up yourself via -2021

You can also contact your own pharmacy or the general pharmacy to check whether your medication also falls under the affected batches. If so, you can get a local prescription to get a replacement.

If your medicine and/or the batch number are not on the recall list, you do not need to replace the medication. In case of doubt, you can contact your pharmacy without obligation, but they recommend that you do not come to the pharmacy unless you have been called to do so.

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