Bonaire 2 Cases Away from being Covid-free again

Kralendijk- Bonaire has, for several weeks now, not seen any new Covid-19 infections.

On Sunday, October 25, there are still 2 ‘active’ cases on the island. Should the trend of no new infections continue, Bonaire will soon be completely Covid-free again.

St. Eustatius & Saba

Once Bonaire is Covid free gain, all three BES-islands will be completely free of Covid-19. On October 26 however, Bonaire will implement some new and more flexible travel rules, where travelers from other countries such as Canada, the US and Curaçao can travel to Bonaire, once they have proof of a negative PCR test.

Travelers from the Netherlands can also freely travel to Bonaire, providing they can show proof of a negative PCR-test. Travelers from other countries can only travel to Bonaire through Curaçao but Governor Rijna has hinted on a further relaxing of the rules for admission, once the infection rate on the island stays low.

US Tourism

The Bonaire Hotel and Tourism Association (BONHATA) last week stated they strongly felt the island should reopen for tourists arriving out of the US. Curaçao in the meantime will soon reopen for flights out of the Tri-State area and Florida.

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