Bonaire Government and the TCB welcome the Celebrity Equinox

Kralendijk – With a short ceremony, the Bonaire Government and the Tourism Corporation Bonaire welcomed the cruise ship Equinox of the Celebrity Cruises. The Equinox is the first cruise ship to visit Bonaire after an 18-month absence from cruise ships due to Covid-19. The new Cruise & Project Coordinator of the TCB, Elesiaanse Angel, introduced the Commissioner of Economic Development and Tourism Hennyson Thielman, who stated in his speech that the Bonairean island government is happy to be able to receive a cruise ship again after 18 months. According to Thielman, the government cherishes the hope, although Covid-19 is not yet over, that the situation will improve and is looking to the future with great confidence. Commissioner Hennyson Thielman also thanked everyone who was part of the preparations. Thielman wished both passengers and crew members of the Equinox a nice day on Bonaire and he expressed the hope of seeing everyone back on the island soon.

After his speech, Commissioner Thielman handed over the Bonairean flag to the captain of the Equinos. Miles Mercera, the CEO of the TCB, presented an album of beautiful Bonairean landscapes and harbor master Gunther Flanegin gave the captain a large photo of the Equinox, taken when water was being sprayed on the ship. Miss Tourism Sunniva Manuel pinned a memorial pin to the captain’s shirt.

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