Bonaire Government worried about WEB Production Capacity

Bonaire Government worried about WEB Production Capacity

Kralendijk – The lack of green light from The Hague for the investment plan from WEB Bonaire not only leads to an unnecessarily higher electricity rate, but can also endanger the energy supply on the island in the long term.

“The population of Bonaire has grown rapidly since 2010. The latest figures from Statistics Netherlands show that the growth will increase in the coming years. continues. At the same time, tourism will continue to develop, while economic activity will also increase. This means that the demand for electricity will increase”, says commisioner of Economic Affairs, Hennyson Thielman.

WEB must increase production capacity, to prevent the electricity from having to be rationed later. According to the Commissioner, the cooperation of the Dutch Cabinet is imperative for this.

“In the year 2020, WEB submitted a plan to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate to increase production capacity by installing new wind turbines and realizing a solar park. With this plan, WEB is able to keep up with the expected growth in population, tourism and activity up to 2030. And that in a sustainable way that also leads to a lower rate. This fits perfectly with our vision and is good for citizens, our economy and the environment”, says Thielman.


The commissioner therefore hopes that the ministry will make a decision in the short term. “The reserve in production capacity is shrinking rapidly, from 15% in 2020 to only 10% now. Every day that a decision is not made brings the moment closer when WEB can no longer meet the demand. I can’t imagine that the cabinet wants to make it this far and therefore assume that we will see a constructive contribution from The Hague in the coming period.”

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