Bonaire has code orange in the Netherlands

Kralendijk – With regard to to the recent increase in the number of Coronavirus contaminations, Island Governor Rijna, on the advice of the Island Policy Team (EBT), submitted a request to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Netherlands last weekend to assign an orange travel advisory to Bonaire. Meanwhile, the RIVM has also issued advice to tighten up the travel advisory to Bonaire, due to the increase in the number of contaminations. As of today, September 22nd, the travel advice to Bonaire has been changed to orange.

By designating Bonaire as an orange area, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises travelers only to travel to the island if this is really necessary. Holiday trips are not necessary and are therefore not recommended. Travelers who do come to Bonaire are still required to have themselves tested up to 72 hours before departure and to show a negative test result upon arrival. If this is not done, they must be quarantined for 14 days (at their own expense).

The EBT realizes that this change has far-reaching consequences for the tourism sector in particular. However, as the number of infections is currently increasing on Bonaire, it is important to reduce the risk of infections from outside and to reduce the movements on the island through this travel advice. This gives the Public Health Department of the OLB more time to properly carry out the source and contact research of current infections so that the virus can be contained, and prevents possible overburdening of the care system. Yesterday, the Island Governor had conversations with representatives of Bonhata and today with the Chamber of Commerce, in which the various parties shared insights and concerns and made agreements for the future.

The number of contaminations on Bonaire has increased to such an extent that, according to RIVM guidelines, Bonaire is classified as an orange area. As soon as compliance with the measures leads to a lower number of infections, the travel advice will be adjusted again. The amended travel advice will also have consequences for travelers travelling from Bonaire (back) to the Netherlands. Visit the website for more information about travelling to the Netherlands.

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