Bonaire hopes to bring nature closer to the tourist

Photo: Israel Gil

Kralendijk – As part of Bonaire’s recovery plan, an important goal is to increase the average tourist expenditure, to support the economy in a speedy recovery. Tourists are willing to pay a substantial amount when they can experience nature as closely as possible.

Bonaire has a lot to offer: From diving and swimming with turtles to spotting dolphins and bird watching during dawn or sunset hours, naturally with respect for nature and the animals. Conversely, it is imperative to diversify in order to reduce stress on the reef and underwater environment. This can be achieved by promoting more on-land activities and creating a balance between aquatic and land activities.

One idea being considered, it to add a new shipwreck to the Bonaire National Marine Park (BNMP). This can be done in a controlled manner guided by Stinapa and professional experts. Research has proven that a new shipwreck can pull divers away from the natural reef (lower burden) and create a new habitat as well for various underwater species and creatures.

 In order to facilitate an all-around unique ‘Bonaire nature package’ to tourists, Bonaire needs to develop additional elements, for example creating more ecolodges. Currently, the number of nature areas on Bonaire is being inventoried so that the government can develop a plan to manage or purchase these properties, apply strict building regulations and create more nature activities on land.

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