Bonaire in the spotlight during the Forsa PWA Worldcup Freestyle

Photo – Casper Douma

Kralendijk – The PWA World Championship freestyle windsurfing that will be held from April 9th to April 13th in Bonaire promises to be a huge spectacle !

Not only because the best windsurfers in the world will visit the island, but mainly because it is going to be a very special edition thanks to the involvement of the Forsa Foundation. The source for the event’s name: Forsa PWA Worldcup. Forsa’s projects on Bonaire activates young people help boost their self esteem, stimulate team spirit and take responsibility for themselves and others.

The main Event of course be the competitions.  42 top athletes from 14 different countries will come to the island and compete against Bonaire’s own top talents Taty, Tonky, Amado, Youp, Kiri and Aron. The opening of this new World Cup season will start on Bonaire. The PWA team then travels all over the world.

In addition to the competitions, there will be other events every day. Every morning 100 students from all schools are brought to Sorobon to participate in activities. These activities are offered by the Forsa Foundation, Jong Bonaire, MBO sport and the army. In addition, the young people from SGB MBO, the media and lots of volunteers will help make this event awesome.
The event has been made possible with support from the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports and a large number of (local) sponsors. It is the fourth time that Bonaire is hosting a PWA World cup, but it has never been done in such a big way before.

The Professional Windsurf Association (PWA) comes with an extra large team including an expert in the field of online media. The intention is to put Bonaire in the spotlight during this event through a live stream. A special camera team from the Netherlands are flying in to support the local media team. Ben Proffitt, a big name in the windsurfing world, will comment the matches. Speaker on the beach and in the evening at the Islander, is Bonaire’s own Stepherd Cheppie Gustowski, who is currently following a media course in the Netherlands. He will be back for the event and take on the role of MC on the beach.

To give the event a special touch and awareness, Coen van Gennip of Flowcreatego, has produced a music track sung by musical star Chaira Borderslee.

The organizing committee is grateful for all the support from the Ministry, the sponsors and the many other organizations and volunteers who help in any way to make this a wonderful event and show the world what Bonaire is capable of.

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