Bonaire International Airport achieves airport health accreditation

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Kralendijk – Bonaire International Airport has obtained the Airport Health Accreditation issued by the Airports Council International Latin America and the Caribbean (ACI-LAC).

The ACI Airport Health Accreditation (AHA) program provides airports with an assessment of how their health measures are aligned with the ACI “Aviation Business Restart and Recovery” guidelines and the recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) Council “Aviation Restart Task Force” along with best practices from the industry and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Aviation and tourism are important economic drivers for the national economy and society in general, especially the islands. By obtaining the AHA, Bonaire International Airport demonstrates its commitment to the protection of the health of passengers and airport staff and contributes to economic and social development”.

Jos Hillen, CEO of Bonaire International Airport: “We are very proud to be certified by the ACI AHA program. It shows how dedicated we are to the island, our passengers and all staff. Our job now is to work as efficiently as possible to reduce costs as revenues are lagging behind during the covid period, without jeopardising the health and safety of our visitors, passengers and all employees.”

BIA has a great importance for Bonaire as a gateway for all air traffic but in particular the ambulance and emergency flights for example patient transport.

A great deal of effort has therefore been put into creating the safest possible working environment for everyone within all the preconditions that the airport has to comply with in terms of laws and regulations. This means that BIA must always have a minimum occupancy and scale up and down according to air traffic. With this certification, the airport shows that they have ensured this in balance with all facets.

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