Bonaire Police Warn: Strict Controls into the New Year

The new operational uniform will be introduced on Bonaire as per April 30, 2018. Photo: Zaida Ellis.
new police uniform
Police will ensure compliance with the Emergency Ordinance decreed by Governor Rijna. Photo: Archive BES-Reporter.

Kralendijk- The Police warn that strict controls will be held to ensure that everyone complies with anti-Corona measures as laid out in the Emergency Ordinance’

“Today is the last day of the year. As usual, the police will enforce the Emergency Ordinance established by the Island Governor. There will be checks on, among other things, keeping 1.5 meter distance, the prohibition of dancing at gatherings, the prohibition to organize events and the observation by bars and restaurants to close at the latest at midnight”, according to a statement from the Government of Bonaire.

Police will deploy extra capacity to maintain public order. If necessary, measures will be taken in and around the central area to regulate traffic in order to counteract additional influx of people and prevent noise pollution.

According to Police, the measures have been coordinated with entrepreneurs and the Justice Triangle (Police, Prosecutor’s Office and the Governor, editor).

KPCN wishes everybody a happy new year.

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