Bonaire Reforestation Food Forest workshop

Kralendijk – Last month, ECHO hosted a syntropic workshop. Roland van Reenen, a syntropic consultant from Curaçao, held the two-day workshop here in Bonaire. The workshop aimed to show how syntropic techniques could be combined with classic reforestation methods to build a food forest that not only benefited people but also wildlife, such as the Yellow-shouldered Amazon parrot.

Echo invited other island stakeholders to the workshop in hopes to inspire private reforestation. To truly live in harmony with nature, they must build a system that benefits not only parrots but people too. 

Food forests imitate natural ecosystems by combining trees, crops and (sometimes) livestock. Where a monoculture uses only one layer for food production, a food forest is a polyculture with many layers

– Eva de Groot Food Forests

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