Bonaire so far unable to detect ‘UK Covid Strain’

Dr. Luinstra-Pashier and Island Governor Edison Rijna during Saturday’s press conference.

Kralendijk- Bonaire so far does not have the ability to test for the so-called UK-Strain, which is causing much unrest worldwide.

According to Public Health doctor Marian Luinstra, testing for this strain is relatively complex and Bonaire does not have the equipment to do so.

“Fortunately we know that every few people travel from the UK to Bonaire. And if they travel, they have to travel through other countries which do not allow them to travel”, said Luinstra in a press conference on Saturday.

Various countries worldwide have implemented measures against the new strain of Covid-19 which reputedly is up to 70% more contagious than the original virus. Among others Chile and Peru have reinstated a mandatory quarantine for all travelers in the hope of keeping the more infectious strain out of the country while vaccination programs get underway.

While more infectious, there are no signs that the new strain leads to a more severe illness compared to the original strain.

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