Bonaire stunned by series of car fires

Photo of one of the burnt commercial vehicles, taken by a resident

KRALENDIJK- There has been shock and surprise on Bonaire in response to three cars completely burning out in just twenty-four hours.

Two of the cars were located near the premises of the garden maintenance company Green Label, while the third car was in front of a garage on Kaya Monseigneur Nieuwindt. According to information from the Caribbean Netherlands Police Force (KPCN), the first report came in to the central dispatch around half-past 10 on Friday night.

The second report came in on Saturday morning but also related to a fire on Friday night. In that case, a bystander managed to extinguish the fire. 


Especially after the fire at Green Label, rumors started circulating on the island. A local news station suggested that the fire might be caused by business disputes. A resident who witnessed the fire up close suggested that fireworks might have unintentionally caused the fire, which largely reduced the cars to ashes.

KPCN is conducting further investigation into the incident but could not provide concrete information yet, other than confirming the facts.

A noteworthy detail is that not far from the location of the most recent car fires, a warehouse was presumably intentionally set on fire some time ago, also resulting in several cars being burned to ashes. No perpetrator has been apprehended for that incident.

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