Bonaire Thanks State Secretary Blokhuis for all Corona Help

Bonaire thanks State Secretary Blokhuis for all corona help

Kralendijk – The Hague, Island Governor Edison Rijna and Commissioner Nina den Heyer met with State Secretary for Health, Welfare and Sport Paul Blokhuis during their working visit to The Hague.

Since mid-March last year, the administrator, together with a special VWS team, has been working to help Bonaire (and the other Caribbean parts of the Kingdom) fight the corona pandemic. For example, expertise, human resources, medical devices including complete IC units and sufficient vaccines were provided from the European Netherlands to vaccinate the entire adult population.

Island Governor Rijna and Commissioner Den Heyer had brought a special attention specially made for State Secretary Blokhuis to thank him for his efforts and to emphasize that he is welcome to take a holiday on Bonaire with his family this summer.

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