Bonaire to focus on promoting Markets Pre-COVID

Bonaire to focus on promoting Markets pre-Covid

Kralendijk – With the entire world reeling from the effects of COVID-19, promoting and selling Bonaire as a destination during a wave of competition requires a strategic, forward-looking, and proactive approach. According to the Tourism Recovery plan presented by the Government of Bonaire, a first area of attention is the recovery of markets which existed pre-COVID-19. In order to achieve this, Bonaire must invest in Sales & Branding, Marketing and Trade efforts.

For this to materialize, the project team has compiled a list of action points which include:

 • Create awareness of Bonaire as an epicenter of independent outdoor adventure, diving and eco luxury;

• Focus on our main markets

• Respond to post-COVID-19 travel trends by showcasing the island’s premium hotels, villas and vacation rentals;

• Draw attention to Bonaire’s safe environment, stable economy, good healthcare and low number of COVID-19 cases;

• Highlight the ease of travelling to Bonaire including non-stop routes;

• Increase visibility through targeted promotional campaigns, influencers, etcetera to positively affect load factors of airlines in need markets;

• Engage niche markets with new experiences including ‘off the beaten path’ travel and voluntourism;

• Target writers, bloggers, vloggers and influencers in key feeder markets to increase widespread consumer awareness with a strong focus on top niche segments specifically divers, nature lovers, water enthusiasts, adventure seekers, green travelers, premium visitors/tourists;

• Drive sustainable growth and extend traditional seasonality by promoting Bonaire as a premier year-round destination;

• Safeguard a good and pro-active communication.

• Establish synergistic relationships among private and public sector partners, beyond the regional and international tourism offices of Bonaire, to ensure that we are all aligned in external communications;

• Bring the island of Bonaire top-of-mind for discerning travelers seeking a premium adventure vacation.

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