Book ‘Nos ta Boneiru’ offered to Island Governor Edison Rijna

Kralendijk – Five participants in the Talent Development Program Bonaire (TOP) have offered their own book to Island Governor Edison Rijna. The book ‘Nos ta Boneiru’ (we are Bonaire) has seven chapters.                                      

In the book, attention is paid to the history of Bonaire, the symbols and the language. The other chapters go into this further. Commissioner Nina den Heyer and Christopher Frans of the Public Entity Bonaire,  have also received a copy of the book.  The authors  took the time to explain the content of the book. Ludrid Bernabela and Jurna Clarenda of the Bonaire Public Library have also received a copy of the book ‘Nos ta Boneiru’ from the authors  Marlene Boekholt, Nishanti Balentin, Reinisha Molina, Sainara Koeiman, i Sharnise Alexander.

The book can also be downloaded. Click on:

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