Busy Day at FDR Airport

The two EZ Air Beechcraft and SXM Airways Islander seen on the platform of the FDR Airport this morning.

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius- The FDR Airport of St. Eustatius saw a busy morning today, with the presence of 2 EZ Air Beechcraft 1900s as wel as the PJ-SAB ‘Britten-Norman Islander’ plane of SXM Airways.

While EZ Air transported ZVK patients between Bonaire and St. Eustatius, SXM Airways brought patients over from Saba to connect on EZ Air and flew Saba-bound patients who had arrived on EZ Air, back to Saba.

One EZ Air plane departed St. Eustatius with destination Curaçao, while the other one flew back to Bonaire.


Although the Covid-19 crisis has many negative effects, it is inadvertently helping to realize the dream of a ‘mini-hub’ at the FDR airport. A growth in aircraft movements and better connections has long been a wish of many on St. Eustatius.

The construction of fuel facilities for airplanes would hover also be needed to realize this goal. The BES-Reporter understands that discussions about realization of fuel facilities at FDR Airport are taking place behind the scenes.

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