CaPAs celebrates first lustrum with seminar about sustainable deployment

Philipsburg – ‘Fit across the finish line’ is the title of a seminar about sustainable deployment of the employee that the Caribbean Pension Funds Association (CaPAs) organizes in the Maho Resort in Sint Maarten on Friday, 27 March 2020.

The retirement age has been raised in all the countries of the Dutch Caribbean. What is arranged for when workers reach that higher retirement age in good health and with pleasure? This is a joint responsibility of these workers themselves, their employers, the pension providers and the government.

All these stakeholders are represented at the CaPAs seminar, where they will share their experiences and discuss the theme of sustainable deployment with the visitors to the seminar. The Algemeen Pensioenfonds Sint Maarten (APS) will host the seminar. APS executes the pension plan for employees of the government, institutions affiliated with the government and employees in a number of education institutions in Sint Maarten.

CaPAs is the organization which represents the interests of the pension sector in the Dutch Caribbean. It aims to promote co-operation between pension providers, share knowledge and increase the level of professionalism in the sector by organizing training courses and seminars.

CaPAs is celebrating its 5-year existence in 2020 with a meeting for invited guests on Thursday at 19:00 hrs. The seminar itself, which starts at 13.30 hrs on Friday afternoon, 27 March, is accessible for everyone who works in the pension sector or who is professionally involved with sustainable deployment. People who are interested to take part in the seminar can find more information on the website

The speakers at the seminar are prominent representatives of the government and organizations of employers, employees and retirees. Herry Koolman is head of national accounts with the Central Bureau of Statistics of Aruba. Sherwin Latina is a corporate adviser with many years of experience in both the public and private sector in the Caribbean. Ellis Minnesma is Manager Employee Relations & HR Communication of Abbott Netherlands, a company that is very active in the field of sustainable deployment. Ireno Valdes is a former trade union board member and currently chairman of the senior citizens’ organization OPPO and member of the Social and Economic Council.

For further information you can contact them at:, telephone +599 738 5122

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