Chapter-11 for BOPEC

ConocoPhillps and PdvsA have reached an agreement to guarantee oil supply to ContourGlobal
Tanker bij Bopec

Kralendijk- Bonaire Oil Petroleum Corporation (BOPEC) has been declared in a state of Receivership, now that the corporation has great difficult to pay for current expenditures.

Together with the filing for Chapter-11, the Receiver had also filed a request to have BOPEC declared bankrupt. The Judge decided to look at both requests and decided for Chapter-11.


Another blow to BOPEC was the lawsuit filed by the employees of the Company and their Union to demand immediate payment of salaries owed. BOPEC has not paid out any salaries to the employees from the beginning of the year 2021.

The employees and the Union won this law suit on all counts. BOPEC has been ordered to pay any outstanding salaries of past and current month, till the labor contracts have been legally terminated.

If the employees will now indeed receive their salaries is still the question, because the Company was citing a lack of funds as the primary reason for non payment.

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